The Skinny on $kinny: New Saudi Rapper Strikes Oil With New Mixtape “Ghetto Disneyland”


If you don’t already know about self-proclaimed “Hip-Hop’s Jackie Robinson” AKA $kinny, allow us to catch you up to speed. He recently teamed up with DJ Charisma to release the 15 track project “Ghetto Disneyland”.

“Ghetto Disneyland” Stream/DL Link:


$kinny has made a name for himself as a highly talented producer/rapper, managing to leave behind a trail of controversy that extends far back to the reaches of his home country, Saudi Arabia. After first moving to America in 2000 to attend school, the turmoil that followed the attacks of 9/11 forced him to move back to Saudi Arabia with his family. However he returned in 2005, and five years later he landed a studio session with Timbaland, the first of many important moves in the young rapper’s life. His unique style of production and surrealist approach to lyricism have garnered him praise and hatred alike, with much of the latter coming from those back home. Many of the topics that $kinny raps about (money, weed, women, etc) are almost expected by American fans, however in Saudi Arabia, the heavy influence of the Islamic religion sits in stark contrast with the content $kinny delivers. Visuals for tracks like “PMK” (Pussy, Money, Kush) are the perfect example of everything $kinny has to offer.

If anything can be said, it’s that he plays the role well. “I want people to talk about me, to respect me. My music is going to do some damage,” he says. And do damage it has.  “Music makes me express myself in ways I couldn’t imagine… back home dreams are so limited, but now I can finally be me, I can finally show the world what goes on in my big head.”

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