80 Minute Disco/Boogie Mixtape ft. Brazilian Producer and Arranger Lincoln Olivetti

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Brazil has probably crossed the mind or lips at least once this month. Regardless of whatever your relationship is with the upcoming World Cup 2014 (sending love Brazilian natives/protesters), we can all agree  that Brazil’s music scene is incomparable. In honor of Brazilian musician, songwriter, arranger, and producer extraordinaire Lincoln Olivetti, Bay Area DJ Allen Thayer offers up an 80-minute mixtape called Brazilian Boogie Boss 1978–1984.

Don’t know too much about Lincoln Olivetti? No worries, just click the orange button below to soundtrack a brief narrative of this Brazilian icon.

Black Brazilian music during the 1980’s and 70’s is an opus of creative fusion between samba, funk, disco, and boogie. The engineering masterminds behind arranging and production such as OG Lincoln Olivetti, enabled this era of Brazilian music to become iconic. Better known as Brazil’s “pop musician” or “wizard of the studios“, Olivetti debuted his DJ craft at 13 years old during a community party. Quickly, he became a recording studio protégé, under the guidance of legendary dance-band leader, Ed Lincoln. In the 1970’s Olivetti released an LP of pop-covers called Hot Parade #1. However, the LP didn’t receive the expected level of positive feedback, and Olivetti began to devote his talents strictly towards playing sessions, arranging, and producing in collaboration with friend Robson Jorge.

Olivetti’s employment of the funkiest band members and studio’s aesthetic attracted artists such as Jorge Ben, Tim Maia, Ed Moto, Lulu Santos and Erasmo Carlos. All of whom, requested Olivetti’s magic touch when they could afford him. Hey, man priced his talent accordingly. Below are a few album covers from DJ Allen Thayer’s mix, where Olivetti either arranged or produced. Enjoy!