Recap of Amplify presented by B4BC


On October 6, 2016 Boarding 4 Breast Cancer hosted a beautiful event for a great cause. Located at 1652 Mateo St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90021 Hosted by Becore.  The event included a silent auction featuring a fender guitar singed by GreenDay plus live painting by ManOne and Marcel SEL Blanco from West Coast Artists Crew. 

The night was filled with many Pro Skater public figures and for us Graffiti Art lovers enjoyed the presence of Risky, Gabor and Sonny Boy, MSK, Mad Society Kings, West Coast Artists Crew and Pesky Oner. It is always a pleasure to go check out the dope events my extended family in the Arts is involved in and this night was so exception to a night filled with shenanigans hanging out with these crazy artists.  But that is Los Angeles for you! The more complex the art is, the crazier and spontaneous the artist is.

Check out what went down at BECO!

Much Love & Respect, Monica Smiles Tobon