New Music Tings: CAROLINE – Bri-Mix


About a week ago I got a notification on Soundcloud “Brilliante! has posted a new track” Click to listen. Well, I’ve been friends with the self-proclaimed “Princess of the West” for some time now and this is by far the funnest track I’ve heard from her.

In the Caroline Bri-mix Brilliante! speaks of her “boss-ting” love interest that is KILLIN the game in their relationship. Not to be confused tho, Brilliante! is definitely running the show here. It isn’t often that we have a female rapper bragging about her love interest & maintaining the upper hand in the relationship. What I love about this cut is her wittiness and confidence in the adlibs.

“I take too long to hit him back, he double text… F*CK YOU THOUGHT”

It’s fun, relatable, and has definite repeat factor. Ladies, if you want to turn up with your girls and show love for you man (or woman ;]) this track is it!

Get into the vibe, turn it up. Fuck you thought?!

Follow Brilliante on SoundCloud – She just dropped a new project Side Effects of Ambition. It’s lit.