Paul Daniel- Apache Fine Artist


About Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel is an Apache Native Artist, raised in Los Angeles, California. At its earliest years without knowing it, he was placed in a city where he would be influenced for the rest of his life, an Angelino at heart but with Apache Blood running thru his veins, a lethal combination of strength, passion and creativity.
Some of his early influences while living in the rough streets of Los Angeles, as he grew up with a strong influence of artists that not only inspired him to become an artist, but also were a huge part of his growth as an active member of the community to give back and teach the youth the importance of expressing oneself in the most creative yet positive way. Such influences came from Graffiti Art, lettering, and vibrant colorful murals in East Los Angeles. Paul Daniel grew interest in lettering as a form of art at age of 12, thanks to the guidance of legendary Fine Artist Defer and Tempt One.
“My artistic direction came though as a direct result of being with my shiwoye hastiin my maternal grandfather. His influence was beyond measure and I often think of him while painting. The stories he shared and his own artwork also”– Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel is an active member of his community and every month he returns to his
Apache Reservations to help in any which way he can. Mentoring the youth to make better decisions for their future by utilizing Art as a positive tool. He believes his Art and perspective can teach many not only about his Ancestry but also to inspire others to learn about their true selves.

From Los Angeles, CA.
Paul Daniel Garcia
Artist/Muralist/Graffiti Artist

Art Work For Sale

Paul Daniel

“Authentic in a world full of Hollywood Indians. A dedication to my Jicarilla(Ollero) White Clan relatives”. $400.00 18″X20″ Canvas Mixed Media

“Nde’ The People” $400.00 16″X20″ Canvas Mixed Media

Paul Daniel Apache Art

“Goyathlay aka Geronimo Chiricahua Apache P.O.W. $400.00 18″X20” Canvas Mixed Media

"Son of Cochise: Chief Naiche Chokonen Band Chiricahua Warrior" $400 18x20 Mixed Media

“Son of Cochise: Chief Naiche Chokonen Band Chiricahua Warrior”
$400 18×20 Mixed Media