West Coast Hip Hop A History In Pictures – Michael Miller


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This classic piece of Hip Hop History is a 200 page Hardcover amazing 9×12 coffee table art book with over 50 of the west’s most important Hip Hop artist’s including Never b4 seen pix & stories of Tupac,Ice Cube, Easy E,Snoop Dogg, Too Short, etc

West Coast Hip Hop A History In Pictures – Michael Miller

Michael Miller was the man at the right time when the west coast hip hop movement was exploding. Besides shooting all the major players in the game he also hung out with the artists and became a part of the culture. Shooting important figures like Cypress Hill, NWA, Tupac, Ice Cube, Snoop, House Of Pain, etc, etc His photo’s are an amazing archive of a magical time in music and his crazy but true stories about the shoots are mind blowing!

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5 comments on “West Coast Hip Hop A History In Pictures – Michael Miller

  1. This is exactly what urban music culture needs right now. Hip hop been chilling on a deserted island with a fruity drink & some pink swim trunks. Please kindly remove yourself from this permanent vacation and return to your thrown at once. THank You.


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