Sit-Down With Graffiti Artist Pesky Oner

On this day, I get the privilege to dig into the mind of a dear friend, an entrepreneur and Los Angeles based Graffiti artist  Pesky Oner, well-known for her usage of colorful vivid characters; letters and dragons. But not only does she elaborate her skills…

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Booked for James Savage Music Video

Badu (Patrice Thomas) / @ineedbadu Salmannsa Rodgers / @salmannsa Deja Rene Hennessy Joezhane Gore / @joezhane Courtney Nizhoni Cooley @nizhonicooley Sylvia Kochinski / @sylviaannek Leital Levy / Dej P Deja Mattox Natalia Roni Naiia Lajoie / @naiialajoie Priscilla Jaramillo Arianna Melissa Azia Davis Stephanie Sayida…

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rebekah miles

Recap of Rebekah Miles Show

“Women are the Creators of Life and Children are our  Future”- Rebekah Miles On November 12, 2016, The Arts Works Gallery located at 509 Sullivan Street, Miami Arizona showcased “Rebekah Miles- Fine Art Photography”, her First Solo Exhibit; a milestone…

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