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Were very excited to announce Over The Edge writer Gary Phillips The-essex-man-volume-1-10-seconds-to-death/ has co-edited “Black pulp” on  Pro Se Productions available here Gary will be promoting the book  @ PULP ARK 2013-Springdale, Arkansas!  For further information, go to Co-editor…

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The world changed at 6 in the morning.  Ice Cube = Malcolm X?  Young MC = Martin Luther King, Jr.?  West Coast hip-hop from 1987-1992 represents not only the most important time in hip-hop history, but is one of the…

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Cory Shaw – Collaborator

Cory Run’s Buildestroy is a company that offers creative direction, design, and animation for print and motion projects with over fifteen years experience. Buildestroy has very unique visions that are always transforming yet remain signature. Their inspiration lies in capturing…

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Quickies is a collection of humorous, edgy short stories that leaves readers wondering if having Quickie sex is better than no sex at all. From the hit show “Sex and The City” writer Ollie Levy brings us “Quickies”. The book…

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J*DaVeY – New Designer Drug & The Liner Notes

Los Angeles based duo J*DaVeY is excited to release their long-awaited album, New Designer Drug. Consisting mostly of material meant to be released through Warner Bros, the album will be released through their imprint, ILLAV8R, and website ( as a free component to their diary-like…

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LA 3000

BUY NOW Welcome to LA in the year 3000, a generation after a nuclear holocaust devastated civilization. The book is a collabo between Street Legends Inc and Over The Edge Books all artwork done by the Mad Twinz Mike &…

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A super sexy tale of Ho’s and their exploits. If you like reading steamy sex filled urban erotica this book is for you! Buy @ itunes. Buy @ amazon Phyllis and Diamond crave freedom never being out there own neighborhood.…

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Chop Shop

Chop Shop – Gary D Morton – Buy_On_iTunes This is the Chop Shop. But this is not only a book. This is an emphatic bloodcurdling battle-cry. This is a brutal and vitriolic call to arms. This is a glittering impassioned…

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The Funniest Jokes I Ever Heard Vol 1

Bob Sumner knows funny. It could easily be argued that Bob is responsible for discovering more comedic talent then almost anyone ever. As the guy behind picking the comedians for Def Comedy Jam Bob was responsible for setting off the…

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Noni – The Story Of A Nympho

Kimoko Z. Lee. Noni: The Story of a Nympho. Over the Edge Books   Publications, Inc., 2011. Click here to purchase on Amazon only 2.99 Click here to purchase on iTunes only $2.99 We are all sexual beings. But…

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ORDER OF OROBOROS – SECRET HISTORY Post Pole shift and after the solar flares of 2012 the earths inhabitants live in a global ghetto of work camps and refineries. through vibrational frequency control the people are kept enslaved by the…

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