Brandon Schultz – Collaborator

Is the president of ImajiMation Studios, Inc.:. In June of 2000 he became a founding partner and the Creative Director of ImajiMation Studios in Santa Monica, California. The industry’s leading African-American owned animation studio, ImajiMation’s clients include Adidas, Nestle, UPN, Jive Records, Arista Records and New Line Cinema. Brandon managed the production of several high-profile projects on behalf of ImajiMation. In 2003, Schultz became President of ImajiMation and his responsibilities grew to include the development of original properties.

In December of 2003 Brandon penned the breakthrough comic book “BLOKHEDZ” created by his business partners Mark and Mike Davis. The comic and line of toys that it spawned have received coverage on several news outlets including CNN, Reuters, VIBE, Stuff, Maxim, MSNBC.COM, and ABC news. The series was called “dope” by comics legend Stan Lee has and also drawn praise from Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons and filmmaker Reginald Hudlin. The BLOKHEDZ is currently in development at Cartoon Network as an animated series. Recently Brandon wrote and produced “BLOOD THIRSTY” a Blade-inspired animated short featured on New Line Cinema’s “BLADE TRINITY” soundtrack. Currently, he is writing a new 1-shot comic book for Marvel comics featuring platinum selling hip-hop artists, Fat Joe, Fabulous, and Lil’ Kim.