Everyday Hustlin’ by Legendary Ali Shabazz

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“Let’s hit ’em with Book Two and let it do what it do!”

In Legendary’s signature wickedly fresh writing style, “Everyday Hustlin’” soars to another level as he documents South Los Angeles in the early to mid 80’s thru the eyes of his most loveable character to date, Dubie aka Dubie the Hustla, one of L.A.’s Finest baby! Everyday Hustlin’ is nostalgic, full of unanticipated thrills, celebrity guest appearances, and it’s funny as a muthafucka.

Dubie the Hustla is a crazy, loveable character that’s about obtaining his money through slick and clever street endeavors, but unlike Legendary’s previous released dark gritty tale of L.A. life on the “good side” of town in “Young Loc’s on the Westside,” the main character Dubie in the forthcoming novel “Everyday Hustlin’” utilizes his positively hilarious approach to life to illustrate how a sense of humor can be an integral part in coping with the stresses and dealing with the bullshit that goes on around us as a daily occurrence the hood.

Using original yet familiar hilarious scenarios from day to day life in “Everyday Hustlin’” Dubie allows us how to roast him, laugh at ourselves, and accept the things that cannot be changed we may not find attractive about ourselves.

About the author:
The Legendary Experience Ali Shabazz, born 17 April 1970, is a Nubian author and activist from Los Angeles, California, USA. While still a member of the professional street dance group “The Soul Brothers” during the Golden Era of Hip Hop, The Legendary wrote short stories to entertain the artists by giving them something to read on the tour bus.

Everyday Hustlin’ by the Legendary Experience is the next of his books to be published by Over The Edge! To describe the author: Imagine Donald Goines reincarnated with the spirit of Iceberg Slim sprinkled on top of a true Cali OG Hip Hop head and you have acclaimed street author The Legendary Experience. Up until now his books only existed in short paperback runs that had been passed around from barbershop to prison cells in Cali in the late eighties and early and mid nineties. Over the Edge Books is pleased to re-issue several of his books.