It Could Be So Simple


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Xavier Payne is an Illustrator, Designer, and Painter from Nashville, TN. His work is a true representation of the 1990’s era in African American popular culture. His abstract interpretations of these moments clearly had an impact on Payne growing up.

His book It Could Be So Simple, comes as a first in a series of projects with SMG|Books and are his first attempts to bring out the essence of the things that are relevant to him, in his words are “as it seems are relevant to many others.”

Payne says, “Since I am not SO different from you, I imagine that you have fears, doubts, anxieties, long days, and things of the like. These layers tend to complicate life of course. But things could be so much simpler.”

It Could Be So Simple, is available in print on September 6, 2014 via and digitally from iBooks and is published by SMG|Books and distributed by Over The Edge Books.


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