Stupid Dope Moves- 10 Crack Commandments


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With its title being a combination of quotes from the street-classic movie, Fresh, and a seminal Notorious BIG record – Stupid Dope Moves: 10 Crack Commandments breathes street culture and hip-hop in the truest sense of both.

“What are the 10 Crack Commandments and how do the hustlers of the inner-city apply them?”
From self-knowledge (“never get high on your own supply”) to resilience (“never sell crack where you rest at”), writer Marcus Moore answers these questions with surprising, inspiring, and very real ideas about business, the streets, and the meaning of success – gathered from his both personal life and from his career of hustling, with people who shall remain nameless.

About The Author: Marcus Moore is best known for his work as a hood activist and street philosopher.  A graduate of Forest Park Community College, he is a well-established personality in his community.  He lives in St. Louis, Missouri and hustles all over the world.

Quote below on the book from esteemed Hip Hop blogger Byron Crawford AKA Bol “Genuinely kinda brilliant. Author Marko-V is a local MC on the come up here in the STL (though I don’t know him personally). I’ve posted a couple of his mixtapes on my blog. And now he’s written this book. Stupid Dope Moves: The 10 Crack Commandments is modeled after the famous song by Biggie Smalls, which itself was modeled after some article in the Source back in the early ’90s (a little known fact). You can probably imagine how it goes. Rule #1, for example: Never let anyone know how much dough you hold. The book expands on Biggie’s rules with real life examples and insight that seems genuine and hard-earned. It’s a trip to read in such great detail how exactly one would go about becoming a crack dealer, almost everything except the name of the guy from the CIA to call to cop a brick. In that sense, I’d compare it to albums by the Clipse and Raekwon. Hipsters would have eaten this up back in like ’05.”