Book-Magazine Made by the People for the People


“It’s not a mainstream it’s a multi-stream”– is the philosophy backing the upcoming hardcover culture magazine called HRDCVR. Curated by the gifted Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, this powerhouse couple has a legacy in journalism and editor-in-chief positions at Vibe, XXL, SF Weekly, and The Source.  Naturally, an innovative project would evolve from their union and expertise.


HRDCVR is a one time hard cover magazine expected to launch November 2014, that challenges our current trajectory of how we consume culture. It’s a space where we can appreciate DJ Snake and Cloud Nothings and Gerardo Ortiz and Nicki Minaj, while also educating ourselves about protests in Guatemala or prepping for the 2016 elections. Yup, it’s a collective for the music lovers and deep thinkers.
Oh and trust, every element from vocabulary to packaging is rich in innovation. Think glossy paper, text as image, matte paper, wide-width satin blue ribbon bookmark, and entire stories built in pull-quote. However, Danyel and Elliott aren’t creating this mecca of visual print solo, since it is a magazine about multi-culture. We can expect prominent journalists, photographers, designers, artists and more to help construct this piece of history. Even better, there’s an open call for folks within culture the who want to be a part of this journey. If you’re a creative that would empower HRDCVR to the next level, Danyel and Eliiott want you. If you’re in a position to donate $, HRDCVR asks for your love. If you can send good thoughts and vibes towards the November launch, that’s greatly felt too.
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