New Music for the Soul: Arima Ederra “In My Garden”

Arima Ederra - In My Garden


Arima Ederra, soulful songstress and LA-based singer-songwriter, is ready to sprout with her new single “In My Garden”. This single is the lead track off her upcoming EP Temporary Fixes set to drop November 15th. On first listen this track reminds me of a beautiful spring day in a rose garden. Not the typical sunshiny day, but one of those great grey days where you wish the sun would come out, and instead you watch the clouds gracefully pass by.

This ode to self-care and growth is the perfect addition to any playlist that includes Corinne Bailey Rae, Solange, or Sade. It describes the process of creating a space for her growth and development. From digging the hole, planting the seed, and ultimately sprouting to enjoy herself in her garden.

Arima told The Fader in her recent interview – “We are ever growing and evolving beings it’s important to allow ourselves the time and nurture we need to grow. No matter how much you frequent the garden, it’s a space for you to come back to.”

You can read the complete interview here & listen to “In My Garden” below.

Also be sure to check Arima out Live at the Queens of The New Age Showcase, Friday, October 14th

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