Ancient Civilizations, Art & Music Festival

Monica Smiles Tobon

What’s Up San Anto, it was great visiting this cultural enriched and heart warming city! Graffiti Heaven, industrial landscapes, train tracks and mobbed carts, just some of the surroundings I explored at the Paint Yard while checking out the Ancient Civilizations; Art & Music Festival. The Paint Yard opened its doors in conjunction with Pop Up Texus; an Art market for all the masses with various taste in art, music and fashion. It was a sunny day and as for us being from California, we are not used to this heat but we still managed to mingle with firme people with the same passion for Art & Community. You all did a great job, looking forward to more events in the near future. Until then, Stay Up from Los Angeles to San Antonio.

Much love & respect,

Monica Smiles Tobon

Check out some of the fresh pieces San Anto Style:

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