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2Pac Talks Community and Jail in Unheard Recording

Tupac is alive; physically is debatable, but his art and words are well and thriving. Last month, his alleged last words were made public by Sargent Chris Carroll, and confirmed 2Pac stayed true to his morals to the last breath.…

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“Stigmata” x Ab-Soul (Video)

It’s like the TDE camp can do no wrong. They continue to fire on all cylinders, their most recent being the single for Ab-Soul’s new album These Days. The visuals for “Stigmata” are just as jarring as the lyrical content, forcing…

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Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Puff on Games of Thrones

HBO needs to give Snoop Dogg (or Lion) and Seth Rogen a show, as in yesterday. These guys effortlessly recapped the last episode of Game of Thrones on Snoop’s GGN webseries, and I’m tuning in every week to hear Snoop’s…

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New Music: Jalaal Salaam “Holla”

The late 90’s/early 2000’s supplied the right balance of mystic-scientific rap (not to be confused with conscious/preachy rap). Jay Electronica and Mos Def were titans of the style and engineered an archive of joints with the right rhythm, wit, physics,…

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Lil Buck 3

Lil Buck for Vogue

Bam. Jookin made it’s debut to Vogue readers via a dance prodigy and New York City Ballet.That’s right, let that beauty sink in. Charles Riley, aka Lil Buck was recruited by the New York City Ballet at age 17 to…

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GZA talks Science and Hip Hop at TEDXTeen

GZA of Wu-Tang visited TED and dropped some knowledge about his passion for connecting science with music, and educating youth through his Genius Science program. How does GZA connect hip hop with science? Take it back to basics. GZA starts…

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