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Thai cholos

Thailand’s “Cholo” Subculture

Yup, Cali isn’t the only state with a Mexican inspired “Cholo” subculture. Thailand has adopted the Cholo style of dressing and concept of “gang culture” as a way of uniting men and building community rather than enemies. The trip about Thai “Cholo” subculture is– a majority…

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Unframed Eyes

Unframed Book Launch Event

Last night Over the Edge celebrated the anticipated launch of Camille Waldorf’s book– Unframed. The event was held the Ebell of Los Angeles Art Salon and a diverse group of people came out to support. We are highly excited for…

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Africa’s Lost Tribe In Mexico

The existence of Afro-Mexicans was officially affirmed in the 1990s when the  Mexican government acknowledged Africa as Mexico’s “third root”.  But Mexico’s real history shows the African presence in the country going back thousands of years. Despite the official recognition…

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Graffiti Fine Art – System Krush

So proud to be doing a book with Binho the Brazilian artist who put this event together. Big Up’s to System Krush An amazing label bringing heat from all over the globe!  Look out for the RFA project thru…

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Following the success of the Fair at the Grand Palais (France) for 16 years, Paris Photo is launching its first American edition in Los Angeles. Paris Photo Los Angeles will bring together a selection of leading international galleries in the…

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UGK4LIFE 023edit

TOO TRILL: The Life and Career of Pimp C

TOO TRILL: The Life and Career of Pimp C He was born on December 5, 1973 and grew up in Port Arthur, Texas. His name was Chad Lamont Butler. He dropped out of high school at 17 to focus on…

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Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 5.39.48 PM

J*DaVeY – New Designer Drug & The Liner Notes

Los Angeles based duo J*DaVeY is excited to release their long-awaited album, New Designer Drug. Consisting mostly of material meant to be released through Warner Bros, the album will be released through their imprint, ILLAV8R, and website ( as a free component to their diary-like…

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