“Queen of Your Body Parts is an illustrated reference guide of every emotion you’ve felt in a consumptive relationship – using only the bodies of nude women. A coffee table book of over 80 original drawings from Lauralee Benjamin, this is a playfully presented depiction of young, sexual beings and their self destructive, painfully pleasing exploits.
Through vivid imagery and unapologetic sexuality, Queen of Your Body Parts tells the story of unrequited love, and undeniable passion.
Released by Over The Edge Books in limited quantity, the 8 x 8 colorful collection of works will be publicly released in fall of 2015.”

I have always been interested in the ways women harness and express their sexuality. In my work, I explore the connections between sex, love, lust, pain, revenge and control, based on my own experiences. I use images appropriated from pornography to hijack the patriarchal sentiments and flip them into feminist narratives. I hope that others, women in particular, can relate to the positive and negative emotions I’m trying to convey.”