There’s Comfort in the Darkness” is a book of poems and short stories that dive into elusive yet powerful ideas that surround us; truth, love, time, identity, life, and death. Using personal life experiences and situations, Justin explores the subjects that our world is built upon and questions them through poetic viewpoints. ‎The book revolves around the idea that it’s okay to not have all of the answers. There’s life within the pain. There’s peace in the unknown. There’s Comfort in the Darkness.
Several artists from across the country have contributed photography, painting, and graphic design to bring this vision to life.

Featured artists:
Visual Thought – photography (Los Angeles)
Vanessa Rivera – painting (Los Angeles)
Sophia Serrano – photography (Chicago)
AZUL – painting (Los Angeles)
Jasmine Baker – painting (Chicago)
Patrick Howard – painting (New York)

“Justin Sky is a courageous writer unafraid to explore the unknown. “There’s Comfort in the Darkness” shines a flashlight on what it means to exist, but also dares us to embrace what we cannot see. These pages are filled with skill, depth and the kindness of collaboration. To quote his book, Justin aims to “stir color onto [his] canvas” and he succeeds, vibrantly, in all the shades of the human experience.”

– George Watsky. Rapper. Writer. Poet

Justin Sky is a musician, writer, and performer based in Los Angeles. His artistic vision is fueled by expressing a world of encouragement, escape, and entertainment through music, writing and other mediums. He aims to give his audience outer-worldly imagery intertwined with real-world feelings and scenarios.‎