Black Macabre: Thanking Evil





Sex, murder and mayhem; you’ve never witnessed a magical negro tale like this. The greatest Faustian revenge thriller ever told, Black Macabre Volume 1, Thanking Evil is the first in a series dedicated to delivering unparalleled horror through
an urban lens. Patcher Smith, teetering on the early stages of adult hood, has given up all hope in humanity
after tragedies beyond his control change his life forever. How does one without much in this world punish conspirators who’ve wronged him? By making a deal with Satan that grants Patcher powers that will shock, petrify and leave readers paralyzed with fear.
Author Bio
Ural Garrett is a journalist, photographer and graduate of Southern University & A&M College.
For the past several years, the Inglewood, CA native has written for popular publications
ranging from HipHopDX to Complex. Those looking to witness his various adventures can see what’s up on his portfolio site