Claudio Ethos

Claudio Ethos lives and works in his birthplace of São Paulo, Brazil. He began putting in
work around the age of 15 with spray paint as well as ballpoint pen, which to this day
serve as his primary tools. Highly influenced by many of the usual suspects from the Brazilian
scene, Os Gemeos, Vitche, Onesto, and Herbert Baglione, Ethos’ style has taken its own
highly unique state and individual genesis. Many in São Paolo today still prefer the stencil
technique, or are part of large pixação crews with their own signatures, but Ethos has
absolutely carved out his own niche amongst the muralists. His large-scale outdoor murals
are less impulsive in origin than many of his contemporaries’ work, but no less stunning. His
flawless conversions of his ballpoint pen drawings, usually from 8.5” x 11” or smaller make
absolutely remarkable transitions from paper to concrete, almost as if an image has been
transferred by transparency and projector. While using a thread technique, amongst others,
the amount of detail with his outdoor portraiture has captured the attention of countless
art enthusiasts, his peers, and gallerists around the world. His penchant for replicating to
scale the fine details of his ink and pencil drawings onto large walls has become his lasting
signature. Ethos’ characters have undeniably become some of the most recognized all
throughout Brazil with his ephemeral work at times straddling the line of the figurative and
abstract. His elongated, flexible, and strained figures have an almost liquid quality to them;
one foot firmly in the school of the surrealists.