Droppin’ Loads – The Legend of Nick Manning

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Droppin’ Loads – The Legend of Nick Manning chronicles much of the Hall of Fame Adult Film Superstar’s raucous lifestyle as told by the Author who lived at Manning Manor for 9 months.  She brings to life a multitude of conversations and events that will leave the reader simply “stunned”.  More than merely a biography about a Pop-Culture Icon, the first and only Adult Star to epitomize “Cool”, and the most prolific Adult Film Star of All-Time; the glimpses into the mind of Nick Manning combined with the daily insanity caused by the myriad of “knock-out” women that surround him are insightfully genius, wildly entertaining and shocking all at the same time.

Nick Manning’s life and career as a Sex God, Actor, Model, Pornstar, Athlete, and Celebrity is Nick’s embodiment of the American Dream as he blew the doors off the “Hollywood Model” and DID IT HIS WAY!!!  The throngs of beautiful women incessantly throwing themselves at him and hanging off his muscles serve as the best evidence of the true greatness of Nick Manning.  Nick possesses the front door key to Manning Manor which houses the dreams of every man who ever lived.