ibookss amazons

A super sexy tale of Ho’s and their exploits. If you like reading steamy sex filled urban erotica this book is for you!

Phyllis and Diamond crave freedom never being out there own neighborhood. They want and begged for attention, travel and excitement. They plan for a road trip after graduation from high school. Stumbling across prostitution on Phyllis’ way home. Phyllis couldn’t believe how easy it was she has an epiphany on how to fund their road trip to the unknown. They meet an array of different charters along their way accidentally falling into shark-infested waters when they meet a family of pimps. Of course being young and new to the game they are consider one hot commodity that are must haves in the game of pimpin. They are bought and sold unbeknownst to them and let the games begin. As a family of pimps manipulate and play with there new young toys. Phyllis and Diamond are soon to find out that the game that was just so fun turns into a deadly chase of deceptions lies and happily ever after that will never come. For as the old saying goes the game remains the same it never changes only the players do. From one catastrophe to the next come take a fast past ride that teaches and explores the oldest profession in the world. Hotations Quotations from a Ho!