Monica Smiles Tobon- Art Historian, Writer, Public Relations

Monica Smiles Tobon- Art Historian, Writer, Public Relations-

“Leading Los Angeles Graffiti Art Historian has a strong International background of working with legendary Graffiti Artists and Graffiti Crews worldwide. Over the years of dedication and hard work in the Chicano/a/Graffiti/Art communities, assisting artists build portfolios, art biographies, grant proposals as well all aspects of managing projects to help artists’ careers, Smiles has become the “Go to Writer” if you need any help because she is always willing to help you grow. Monica Smiles Tobon is Public Relations Manager for Silver Battle Graffiti events; a movement whose mission is keeping the raw essence of “style writing” alive. She has executed many successful art shows and cultural festivals throughout California and currently working with an art gallery in France as an L.A. Art Agent. You will always find her at the hottest events and Art shows supporting her community. Her unique style of writing on her website Monica Smiles Tobon- Rewriting the History of Art has gained following from over 80 different countries. Her career as a Writer and Art Historian has gained a respectable reputation and is continuously contracted to document art, history and culture. Her mission with Over the Edge books is give the public the best Art/Graff/Murals/Events out there to feed the minds!