“A celebration of life on the streets, shared in gritty dirty glory by those too often ignored and unseen.” ~ Lesann Berry

“You will come to care about this deeply flawed but charming cast of outsiders – like family.”
~ Lesann Berry, author of Passing Judgement, Alternate Endings, and Ambushing the Vigilante

You’ve seen them darting from street corners and nightclub back alleys, the squatters and addicts, the underage strippers who’ve barely felt their first crush, the hustlers and millennial Cinderellas of the not always velvet underground aching for magic and surrogate connection.  Thea Constantine is a Lou Reed for the Pacific Northwest, deep in the thrall of the characters she’s set in motion, and in her skillful and weirdly redeeming crosshatch of modern Portland’s days and nights, we may also see flashes of who we’re busiest avoiding: ourselves.
–Alan Rifkin, author of Signal Hill and Burdens by Water

“It’s been two weeks since I finished Thea Constantine’s ‘Stumptown,’ and her characters are all still with me. We like being around each other. The place I live is not far from Portland, evidently.”

Allan MacDonell, author of ‘Prisoner of X’ and ‘Punk Elegies’