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 “Over The Edge Books announces a deal with acclaimed author, television, screenplay writer, Odie Hawkins.  Literary works by Hawkins, alongside fellow street lit authors, Iceberg Slim, Donald Goines, and Joseph Nazel, established the legendary Holloway House Publishing Company as a major player in the publishing world.

These authors created the now thriving Street Lit Genre, earning Holloway House millions and. coincidentally cementing its place in the American pop and literary history.  Hawkins a recent winner of the full rights to his catalogue from Holloway House, has partnered with Paul Stewart, CEO of OverThe Edge, to re-release his earlier ground breaking books and to promote more recent works.
An original member of the famed Watts Writers Workshop – established by Budd Shulberg, and the Writer’s Guild of America’s “Open Door Program”, his works including twenty-eight plus novels across multiple genres, several short story collections, television (here and Ghana, West Africa) film scripts, have been both celebrated and studied for years for their unique social insights.
Hawkins is best known for the 17 novels he contributed to the Golden Era of the Holloway House Publishing Company.  In 2012, Hawkins was featured in the critically acclaimed “Iceberg Slim:  Portrait of a Pimp”.  He discussed Iceberg Slim’s works and their impact on American Literature.
Despite the fact that Odie Hawkins has not enjoyed the financial benefits of mainstream success, there is no doubt that he was there when there was a there, there.  His growing fan base reassures us that his contribution to American Literature will not be underrated.
“The opportunity to work with a groundbreaking author like Odie Hawkins is why I started “Over The Edge Books”, explains The “Over The Edge” founder/CEO Paul Stewart.  “Our company, introducing Odie Hawkins’ classic material to a new generation, and to present his most recent projects is like discovering buried treasures.”
“Over The Edge Books” is building a solid reputation and a growing audience as The Voice of the underground cultures in music, visual arts and literature.